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Working with the Masters

Each of the ‘first generation’ teachers from whom I learned clearly had something special in how they understood and transmitted Alexander’s ideas to their pupils.

In these posts I will attempt to convey some of my personal impressions from working with such exceptional teachers.

I certainly do not claim to have any special insights into them as people or into their teaching; there are undoubtedly others who knew and understood them better.

It seems to me that for each one of them, certain aspects of what they had learned from Alexander – and gone on to develop, as their own individuality developed – tended to predominate.

How can it be that all of these people seemed to understand something different? What, then, is “the thing in itself”?

Or, just as a quantum wave/particle, has no fixed reality until it is observed, does the Alexander Technique not exist “in itself” until each new moment it is put into practice?

Perhaps, at the end of the series, I will try and convey what, for me, is the significance of the different approaches of these ‘first generation’ teachers, and how and why that matters for those of us who follow.

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