Our Link with Alexander: A Legacy Project*

While visiting a UK training course recently, the subject of the short films of Alexander came up. “Why on earth”, said the Head of Training, Ron Colyer, “did no one think of putting a microphone in front of him?”

Good question! Then, later in the morning, Ron and I were remembering our lessons with first generation teachers when one of his students said, “I want to put a microphone in front of you two”. I could see how interested the students were in hearing about these teachers through whom came all our direct knowledge of Alexander’s work. Many of us who did train or have lessons with that first generation are no longer young ourselves and if we wish to record our experiences for future generations, the time is now.

The Trustees of the Charity for the F Matthias Alexander Technique (aka AT Friends: www.fmatcharity.org) propose to hold a series of panel discussions on Zoom, each one dedicated to a teacher trained by FM Alexander. The panel will be made up of people who were students or pupils of that teacher and audience members will be able to pose questions. The event will also be recorded so that people unable to attend are able to view it.

The subject of the first such event, to be held in 2023, will be Margaret Goldie (14/12/1905 to 25/01/1997).

Did you have lessons with Margaret Goldie? If so, would you be willing to share some of your experiences with the world-wide Alexander community? Please contact me by email and let me know: john.s.hunter@gmail.com

* First published in STATNews, January 2023

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